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rianna Carpenter is a solo singer/songwriter who creates honest music through her unique vocal quality, flowing guitar accompaniment and intricate piano experimentation. She pretty much starting singing when she started talking and even though she was born completely deaf in one ear this has not stopped her drive to compose. Brianna began song writing at the age of 13 and knew she was destined for great things. Her first turning point was performing a "Silent Night" solo at the end of year production in grade one. It was soon apparent there she was different from the other children.

Brianna loves a sense of humour and tries to incorporate this into her music wherever possible. She brings life into the room when she begins to play, she strives to captivate her audiences in a way that makes it almost impossible for them to leave. She speaks with them, tells them her stories, her travels, her most intimate experiences the show is intimate, almost like a conversation. She is not from an overly musical background but believes her creative flair has come from her Mother, who is a exquisite artist in her own right.

Brianna has lived in the quiet suburb of Coorparoo on the Southeast side of Brisbane. She recorded her first solo album in December 2003 which she went on to sell over 200 copies of independently. Brianna has recently returned from 3 months travelling europe and her music has evolved with time. She's been suitably inspired by a variety of crazy characters from her journeys and is ready to push her career into overdrive.

Brianna is studying a Bachelor of Popular Music at the Conservatorium of Music and is currently producing and engineering her upcoming debut E.P entitled Spotted. With crowds continually growing larger for her live performances, it won't be long before Bree becomes a triple j favourite at the ripe old age of 19.